Tellurium Q Cables – Breath a new lease of life into your Hi-Fi

Telluirum Q Cables

We’ve been selling Tellurium Q Cables for quite time now and have been getting great results from them, right across the range.

There are 5 speaker cables, Blue, Black, Green, Ultra Black and Graphite. These are priced at £16.50, £47.00, £149.00, £249.00 and £462.00 per metre respectively.

The Black at £47.00 per metre (this includes terminations) is the most popular cable by far. The Ultra Black probably represents the best value for money (that sounds crazy at £255.00), but I can’t recall anyone borrowing the Ultra Black who hasn’t ended up buying some. We’ve said this to lots of people and it comes across as arrogant but if you can’t afford Ultra Black please don’t borrow it!

Interconnect wise there is almost as much choice again. There is Blue (£180.00), Black (£285.00) and Graphite (£660.00). In the right system there are a marked step up between each of these cables as well, Black being the best seller.

Of course, there are digital cable and power leads as well.

It’s a great sounding range of cable, all of the reviews in the press, the feedback we receive from our customers all back this up too. If you want to improve your system with better cables………..Tellurium could be just the ticket.

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Anyone for seconds – Black Ravioli is back

Black Ravioli

Black Ravioli is back!

Tweaky little products divide opinion like nothing else.

We like it, we think it offers genuine musical improvements to any system (be it entry level or something high end) and our customers seem to agree -  Ravioli has definitely has it’s place.

As with anything the proof of the pudding is in the listening……why not pop into the try and borrow some for a weekend. We can show you what it is and how it works and what to do with it.

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VTL – Now on Demonstration

VTL TL6.5 Pre-Amplifier

We are now proud to announce that we are VTL dealers.

Not many people in the UK have heard of them which is a crying shame – the performance they offer is nothing short of stunning, we’ve not been doing it for long but so we think our customers who’ve taken the plunge would agree wholeheartedly!

VTL stands for Vacuum Tube Logic and they hail from Chino in California and have quite a range of amplification on offer at various price points.

If you are thinking about investing in some serious amplification you owe it to yourself to hear some VTL before you make your decision. Come along and have a listen.

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PMC Twenty 24 Loudspeakers

PMC Twenty Range

The new Twenty range of speakers from PMC launched in the late Autumn, when we first heard them we loved them – from the outset it was clear they were a very special range of speakers.

They are a new range of speakers from the ground up, in terms of drives units, crossovers, cabinets etc they share nothing in common with the existing PMC speakers.

We’ve had the 24′s on demo now for about 3 weeks (the other 3 models from the Twenty range are following soon) and we simply cannot get enough of them. Cosmetically they are bit different (in a good way!), the lines of the Twenty are so clean and the magnetic grilles finishes them off beautifully. Sonically they are very clean and fast, very refined, they have that typcial neutrality that we’ve come to associate with PMC over the years. Bass extension is plentiful but more most impotantly it is tight and controlled and not wallowing around in the slightest

Even out of the box they sounded fantastic but as we’re clocking the hours on the them they simply keep getting better and better.

In performance terms they certainly share more with the PMC Fact range they they do with the i Series. One thing we must stress. The Twenty Series is NOT replacing the i Series. It is complete new range and one which sits above the the i Series.

As mentioned above the Twenty 21, Twenty 22 and Twenty 23 will be with us soon and we are looking forward to having the entire range to demonstrate, we feel these are going to be a rather popular range of speakers.

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Musical Fidelity M1 DAC

Musical Fidelity M1 DAC

If you are looking to improve the front end of your system an alternative to the Rega Dac is the Musical Fidelity M1 DAC.

It has less inputs than the Rega (offering 1 optical input, 1 coaxial input, 1 AES/EBU input and a USB input), but to be fair it is £100.00 less than the Rega. However, it does offer balanced outputs which the Rega does not.

The M1 Dac sounds fantastic on the end of a Sonos ZP90 and will offer improvement to most CD players in the sub £999.00 price bracket. Connect a PC or Mac via the USB input and streaming music has never been easier.

The Musical Fidelity is incredibly detailed and lively sounding, offering lots of textures and pulling detail out of music you wouldn’t think possible.  If you systems tonal balance is smooth and laid back and you are wanting to inject some energy into your system the M1 Dac could be just the ticket.

As with all good hi-fi, it’s about getting the balance right, just like the Rega Dac, the M1 Dac is brilliant bit of kit…… the right system.

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Rega Dac

Rega Dac

The Rega Dac – Making More Sense of the Music

The Rega DAC is a 16/20/24-bit at 32kHz to 192kHz digital to analogue converter incorporating an enhanced version of the Rega designed circuit. Developed to be simple to set up and use, the Rega DAC is designed to optimise performance from any two channel PCM digital audio source such as a CD player PC or streaming device.

With the PC/Laptop and MAC now widely accepted as creditable mediums for storing and streaming music. The use of high quality lossless files such as WAV, FLAC, AIFF and ALAC offer performance through the DAC equal to and in some cases better than red book CD.

The Rega Dac is an incredibly flexible piece of equipment, sporting 2 coaxial and 2 optical inputs alongside a USB (type B) input for a PC or Mac.

In performance terms the Rega Dac is very musical, dynamic , detailed and simply gets your foot tapping – which can only be a good thing. It never gets aggressive or too strident in its presentation though.

If you’ve a Sonos ZP90 (or ZP90) or any basic streamer with a digital output the Rega DAC will simply breath a new lease of life into your music collection. It even improves upon the performance of the Rega Apollo CD player (and for that matter just about every CD player in the £500.00 to £600.00 price bracket).

It simply makes you want to listen to more music, which can only be a good thing

We approve!

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The new Naim SuperUniti is with us…….

The Naim SuperUniti at Lintone Audio

The new Naim SuperUniti all in one high performance network player is now with us.

It has so far exceeded everyone’s expectations in terms of the performance level on offer.

To quote Naim – “SuperUniti is an integrated wireless UPnP™ network stream player, USB audio player, iPod and iPhone dock, internet radio, DAB radio, FM radio, ten input digital and analogue preamplifier, digital to analogue converter, and stereo 80 Watt power amplifier. And just so that you don’t lose track of time while listening – easily done – it has an alarm clock too. Out of breath?”

Running with a pair of PMC Fact 3′s the performance so far has been superb, we’ve simply been streaming to it from our UPnP Server we love it! In terms of the amplification it is a lot more powerful and controlled than the original All in One NaimUniti and is capable of driving some much more serious speakers…….as good as a Naim Supernait perhaps???

A genuine slice of high end for not a crazy sum of money………

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B&W Zeppelin Air

B&W Zeppelin Air iPod Dock at Lintone Audio

The B&W Zeppelin Air iPod Dock – The ultimate iPod/iPhone accessory?

Quite possibly!

The new Zeppelin Air is on permanent demonstration in-store and proving to be an even more popular seller than the original Zeppelin. Airplay is a wonderful feature and is really easy to set up.

The Zeppelin Air simply connects to your computer network (either via wireless or via ethernet cable) and can play your entire iTunes music library off your computer, not just what is on your iPod.

The best bit thoughis, if you’ve got an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad you can download the Apple Remote app (for free) and control iTunes on your PC or Mac from the comfort of your armchair.

You can also play the music on your iOS device without even connecting it to the Zeppelin Air. RRP £499.00 and in stock now.

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Musical Fidelity V-Dac II, now in stock

Musical Fidelity V-DAC II

Musical Fidelity V-DAC II

The Musical Fidelity V-Dac II is now in stock with free UK shipping.

Priced at £199.00 this new competitively price model comes in an all new silver chasis (which looks a lot better than the original V-Dac), it offers an all important asynchronous USB input for people wanting to connect their PC’s or Mac’s. Of courses it still retains a convential optical and coaxial input as well.

24bit/192k upsampling, asynchronous USB, under £200.00…….what’s not to like about the Musical Fidelity V-Dac II, shipping now!

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B&W PM1 – Prestige Monitor 1 – Now in store

B&W PM1 - Prestige Monitor 1 - Now in store

The B&W PM1 (Prestige Monitor 1) is now with us in-store.

Priced at £1995.00 a pair (plus £400.00 for the dedicated stands) these are set to make some big waves in the compact speaker market.

Measuring only 331mm tall the PM1 sits above the very popular CM range and just below the highly regard flagship 800 Diamond Series.

We’ve had them running with a Supernait, a Stormaudio V55 and some Cyrus Mono X-200′s with great success, they certainly don’t seem too fussy about what you partner them with.

If you are looking for a high performance, yet compact stand mount speaker – we could have exactly what you are looking for in the B&W PM1 – Now on demonstration in store.

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