The new Naim SuperUniti is with us…….

The Naim SuperUniti at Lintone Audio

The new Naim SuperUniti all in one high performance network player is now with us.

It has so far exceeded everyone’s expectations in terms of the performance level on offer.

To quote Naim – “SuperUniti is an integrated wireless UPnP™ network stream player, USB audio player, iPod and iPhone dock, internet radio, DAB radio, FM radio, ten input digital and analogue preamplifier, digital to analogue converter, and stereo 80 Watt power amplifier. And just so that you don’t lose track of time while listening – easily done – it has an alarm clock too. Out of breath?”

Running with a pair of PMC Fact 3′s the performance so far has been superb, we’ve simply been streaming to it from our UPnP Server we love it! In terms of the amplification it is a lot more powerful and controlled than the original All in One NaimUniti and is capable of driving some much more serious speakers…….as good as a Naim Supernait perhaps???

A genuine slice of high end for not a crazy sum of money………

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