PMC Twenty 24 Loudspeakers

PMC Twenty Range

The new Twenty range of speakers from PMC launched in the late Autumn, when we first heard them we loved them – from the outset it was clear they were a very special range of speakers.

They are a new range of speakers from the ground up, in terms of drives units, crossovers, cabinets etc they share nothing in common with the existing PMC speakers.

We’ve had the 24′s on demo now for about 3 weeks (the other 3 models from the Twenty range are following soon) and we simply cannot get enough of them. Cosmetically they are bit different (in a good way!), the lines of the Twenty are so clean and the magnetic grilles finishes them off beautifully. Sonically they are very clean and fast, very refined, they have that typcial neutrality that we’ve come to associate with PMC over the years. Bass extension is plentiful but more most impotantly it is tight and controlled and not wallowing around in the slightest

Even out of the box they sounded fantastic but as we’re clocking the hours on the them they simply keep getting better and better.

In performance terms they certainly share more with the PMC Fact range they they do with the i Series. One thing we must stress. The Twenty Series is NOT replacing the i Series. It is complete new range and one which sits above the the i Series.

As mentioned above the Twenty 21, Twenty 22 and Twenty 23 will be with us soon and we are looking forward to having the entire range to demonstrate, we feel these are going to be a rather popular range of speakers.

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