Tellurium Q Cables – Breath a new lease of life into your Hi-Fi

Telluirum Q Cables

We’ve been selling Tellurium Q Cables for quite time now and have been getting great results from them, right across the range.

There are 5 speaker cables, Blue, Black, Green, Ultra Black and Graphite. These are priced at £16.50, £47.00, £149.00, £249.00 and £462.00 per metre respectively.

The Black at £47.00 per metre (this includes terminations) is the most popular cable by far. The Ultra Black probably represents the best value for money (that sounds crazy at £255.00), but I can’t recall anyone borrowing the Ultra Black who hasn’t ended up buying some. We’ve said this to lots of people and it comes across as arrogant but if you can’t afford Ultra Black please don’t borrow it!

Interconnect wise there is almost as much choice again. There is Blue (£180.00), Black (£285.00) and Graphite (£660.00). In the right system there are a marked step up between each of these cables as well, Black being the best seller.

Of course, there are digital cable and power leads as well.

It’s a great sounding range of cable, all of the reviews in the press, the feedback we receive from our customers all back this up too. If you want to improve your system with better cables………..Tellurium could be just the ticket.

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