Focal Dome 5.1 Speaker System

Focal Dome 5.1 Speaker Package

Available in black, white and striking red the Focal Dome 5.1 speaker package is creating quite a stir in store.

Priced at £1500.00 it comprises of 5 satellite speakers and an active subwoofer. The small table stands you can see in the image to the right can be rotated to act as wall brackets (or even ceiling brackets) and are incredibly flexible.

They look incredibly stylish, have performance to match and don’t cost the earth. If you are thinking of some high performance, but compact speakers for surround sound you can’t go far wrong with these at this sort of price point.

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Ortofon Centre of Excellence

Ortofon Centre of Excellence

We have just been awarded Centre of Excellence status by Ortofon.

New Cadenza MC models will be in stock next week.

For a limited time there is 20% off ALL Ortofon Moving Coil cartridges.

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dCS Puccini CD/SACD CD Player…..

dCS Puccini CD/SACD Player

The dCS Puccini CD/SACD Player is the entry level CD/SACD player from dCS.

Priced at just over £11,000.00 the price point certainly raises eyebrows when people see the machine sitting proudly on the shelf.

The thing is, the Puccini is a rather special piece of kit. It is without a shadow of a doubt the best one box CD player in existence today (it also shows clean heels to several 2 box designs).

It is, so much more than just a CD player, it literally can be the heart and soul of your hi-fi system.

The Puccini features a proper digital pre-amp so it can be connected directly to a power amp (no need for a pre-amplifier) it also has 2 digital inputs so you can give external sources access to the dCS Ring DAC, upsampling to DSD…………..a lot more than just a CD player.

But what a CD player……everyone who hears the Puccini is amazed, the amount of information it pulls off CD’s is amazing. The musical performance from your favourite artists has just taken a huge leap forward, no digital hash or glare…..just music, it makes most other CD players (even ones held in high regard) sound veiled, crude and lacklustre.

To quote Hi-Fi+ “The dCS has the ability to unravel the music like no other player I’ve yet heard”.

It can also be upgraded with the dCS Puccini U-Clock, giving substantial improvements to timing, it also has a USB interface for connecting your PC/Mac to your Hi-fi (see our dCS Rough Guide for more a more detailed explanation on this).

If you are in the market for a high end CD player and you value your music the Puccini has to be on your radar, you owe it to yourself to hear one…….it really it that good.

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Sennheiser HD800 Headphones

Sennheiser HD800 Headphones

We now have the Sennheiser HD800 headphones on demonstration (and in stock).

Priced at £999.00 they are Sennheiser’s flagship headphones.

In terms of musical performance these are something rather special.

If you want headphones that give you a completely uncoloured presentation with incredible dynamics and transparency these could be just the ticket.

They demand a top notch amp and source to get the best out of them, but treat them right and they seriously deliver.

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Loving Spotify Premium on Sonos!

Sonos have now added Spotify Premium as a music service and we are loving it!

It costs just £10.00 a month and gives you access to over 8 million tracks all at a pretty impressive 320kbp.

Spotify and Sonos together has to be one of the best ways to discover new music!

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The National – High Violet

High Violet is the latest album from the Brooklyn based indie rock band The National and comes with our highest recommendation.

On first listen it doesn’t really grab you but stick with it……Bloodbuzz Ohio and Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks,  contenders for tracks of the year perhaps.

A cracking album and the best one yet from The National.

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Qute wins Product of the Year

The UnitiQute from Naim Audio has won “Product of the Year” in the Systems Category in the 2010 What Hi-Fi Awards. Naim Audio also won awards for the Uniti and the DAC in 2 other categories.

Well Done!!!!

The Naim UnitiQute

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Creating a Storm….

The amplifier pictured to the right is called the V35 Vertigo. It is an integrated amplifier with a modest 70 watts per channel.

RRP £2,000.00

In terms of transparency, texture and articulation it really does punch well above its price point.

It has a rather unusual feature on the back panel, a dial called StormFocus. On first listen it appeared to be a bit like a tone control. But then we sat down and started playing with it properly. StormFocus basically ensures that the musical signal reaches your loudspeakers with zero phase distortion, turning the dial up results in more focus (pardon the pun!), turning it down does the opposite.

A novel feature and something which actually works very well indeed. I was a little sceptical before having a serious play which turned into a seriously long listen. This should be on your audition list if it falls within budget, a cracking amplifier.

There is a big brother called the V55 which promises all of the above and more, but we’ve yet to take a listen yet to it.

Based on what the V35 is doing for £2,000.00 it’s bit of a bargain, we like!

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Arcam rCube…….Pure Portable Music

Not content with just launching 2 new exciting products (Blu-Ray Player and rDac), Arcam are just about to launch the rCube iPod dock, billed as a potential Zeppelin beater. It’s going to be around the £500.00 mark and features a few nifty features.

As well as using your iPod the rCube also uses Kleer Wireless technology to stream music wirelessly off a PC, Mac or Laptop (with the optional wireless transmitter).

No mains! That right, the Arcam can run off its integrated Lithium battery for up to 8 hours of use (4 hours at party volume!).

Coming very soon, orders are being taken now for what could well be the iPod dock to beat them all!

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